Our Client, Carer and Family Support

Caring is as important as curing and although treatment for conditions like Cancer and COPD have improved, in the 30 years the Centre has been operating no cure is yet in sight for Multiple Sclerosis. The Centre works along side the NHS and it's nurses in providing support and encouragement for those Clients, their Carers, and Family that find it difficult in coping with the initial diagnosis and long-term prognosis of their own particular condition and its individual symptoms.


opening quotations  Without any warning you can find yourself in a very dark place and this can have a difficult effect on all those around you. The people at the Centre become my prop and help me through these bad times; they’re always there for me and my family.  closing quotations

Michelle Goode - Serious car accident 3 years ago


For more information about the Support the Centre has to offer it's Clients, their Carers and their Family please click on one of the FAQ links below or for more specific enquiries or to make an appointment to discuss a Personal Support Programme please call (01902) 744888 and talk to a member of our Administration Team.