Therapies Available at the Centre

Whether a short or long-term ailment, controlled exercise and manipulation of the body is a necessary routine in helping it to maintain and help with its own repair processes. Mental fitness is just as important as physical fitness, and shouldn't be neglected either. The Wolverhampton MS Therapy Centre offers a variety of Supportive Therapies to help its Clients to try and maintain a balanced physical and mental lifestyle and body management programme.


opening quotations  The Therapists are brilliant. They know what and when I can and can’t do something, they understand me and my limitations.  closing quotations

Alison Smallwood - Physiotherapy Client for 2 years.


For more information about the Therapies the Centre has to offer it's current and future Clients please click on one of the FAQ links below or call if you have a specific enquiry about a Therapy please call (01902) 744888 and talk to a member of our Administration Team.